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ABOT ABOT 796.96 AICL AICL 38.53 APL APL 415.47 AVN AVN 61.33 BAHL BAHL 117.10 BNWM BNWM 26.95 BWCL BWCL 241.22 CHCC CHCC 167.82 COLG COLG 1,183.12 DCR DCR 16.42 EFERT EFERT 169.99 ENGRO ENGRO 334.58 FABL FABL 52.75 FCCL FCCL 23.11 FFBL FFBL 41.57 FHAM FHAM 17.06 GHGL GHGL 26.21 HABSM HABSM 63.83 HGFA HGFA 6.50 HMB HMB 74.71 IBFL IBFL 360.68 INDU INDU 1,633.83 ISL ISL 87.13 KAPCO KAPCO 34.00 KOHC KOHC 273.89 LCI LCI 925.02 LUCK LUCK 924.48 MCB MCB 229.42 MLCF MLCF 38.75 MUGHAL MUGHAL 91.43 NATF NATF 193.04 NCPL NCPL 30.00 NML NML 69.23 NRL NRL 262.23 PABC PABC 75.04 PAKT PAKT 1,014.25 PIBTL PIBTL 6.16 PKGP PKGP 93.67 POL POL 540.70 PPL PPL 120.46 PSO PSO 170.94 PTC PTC 13.01 SCBPL SCBPL 65.84 SHEL SHEL 145.11 SNGP SNGP 67.64 SRVI SRVI 980.04 TGL TGL 119.95 TRG TRG 57.29 UNITY UNITY 34.71 YOUW YOUW 3.05

About Us

Topline Securities is one of the largest and fastest-growing brokerage house in Pakistan. The award-winning firm has a strong Equity Brokerage, Economic Analysis, Equity Research, Commodity Trading and Corporate Finance & Advisory function.

Vision & Mission

To become the preferred brokerage house in Pakistan and provide world class capital market services leading to value creation for our stakeholders and broadening of country’s investor base.


Topline Securities has been recognized by for its services by CFA Society Pakistan, Asiamoney, Finance Asia and The Asset numerous times.   

Corporate Highlights

Topline Securities is one of the largest & fastest growing brokerage firm in Pakistan. The award-winning brokerage house has one of the highest market share in Equity Market & Investment banking in Pakistan. 


Regulatory Info

Entity Rating : Short Term: A-2, Long Term : A-

Management Quality Rating : BMR2

Broker Fiduciary Rating : BFR2

Registered with:: Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan

Key Management

Mr. Mohammed Sohail

(Chief Executive Officer)

Mr. Omar Salah Ahmed

(Head of Corporate Finance)


Vtrade Online Trading Application

Vtrade Online Trading Applications allows users to trade and execute their stock orders using Desktop/ Mobile applications

Kits Trading

Our Android and IOS apps will give clients the power to monitor the market, research investment ideas, and trade


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